Vidya Mani

Sarah Buechi's THALi

Jazz/Indian Song

Sarah Buechi - voc, comp.
Matthias Tschopp - bs
Stefan Aeby - piano
Marco Müller - double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums

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"The Highlights of this year's festival were a recital by Charlie Mariano of the United States of America on the Saxophone and Swiss artist Sarah Buechi's carnatic classical "vocal recital, college vice-principal Karnataka Kalashree Vidushi R.A. Ramamani said while talking to BVT." (Vijay Times, Bangalore)

"But the find of the evening was Buechi, so absolute was her command over the carnatic ragas that if you closed your eyes and you let your ears guide you, you would have wagered your fortune that she was a true-blue south Indian wrapped in a Kancheepuram saree." (Indian Express, Delhi)

"This evolving artist is already making inroads in bridging the two traditions, jazz and traditional Indian music, to create an arresting fusion of styles."
(Gerry Godley, presenter of radio show Reels to Ragas, RTE Radio 1)

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Thali @ 12 Points Festival Dublin 2013