The Paintress

Sarah Buechi
Contradiction of Happiness &
Jena Philharmonic

Symphonic Jazz/Contemporary Song

Simon Gaudenz, conductor
Sarah Buechi, voice + composition/arrangement
Vincent Membrez, piano
Wolfgang Zwiauer, e bass
Lionel Friedli, drums
Estelle Beiner, violin
Isabelle Gottraux, viola
Sara Oswald, cello
Jenaer Philharmonie/Jena philharmonic

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"Finally, they’ve taken to the skies – the chamber orchestra and the singer’s septet. Masterfully beyond all categorisation. Something like this can only really succeed by letting go of the burden of conventions, the compulsion of methods, of the canon of a style. But instead, we experience a richness of colours and facets which is, again and again, brought together by creative power. (Bert Noglik)
(Translation: Isabel Seeberg & Paul Lytton)


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The Paintress
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