Moon Trail

Buechi Hellmüller Jerjen

Trio - Jazz/Folk/Originals

Sarah Buechi - voc
Franz Hellmüller - g
Rafael Jerjen - db

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“It is an artistic accomplishment to listen to the familiar in a new way, and to perceive its essence even more clearly.” (Luise Wolf)

"A strong shared feeling and freedom in dealing with the musical material; these are the essences the trio draws from jazz and folk music, as well as other global musical traditions. They emancipate themselves completely from forms and styles served over and over again, such as walking bass and swing. Virtuosity is never showcased for its own sake. Rather, it is the underlying pulsating energy that allows a freer play of links and references; a musical web characterised by lightness and vari- ability. In this, the trio shows the potential to set a new standpoint in jazz music: a musical golden ratio."
(Luise Wolf, Berlin 2022)


Mama Tree - Buechi/Hellmüller/Jerjen Trio (Moontrail)


I thought about you (van Heusen/Mercer)
live @ life at the zoo, Bern (7.7.2021)


Some other time (Bernstein/Comden/Green)
live @ life at the zoo, Bern (7.7.2021)