Moon Trail

Buechi Hellmüller Jerjen

Trio - Jazz/Folk/Originals

Sarah Buechi - voc
Franz Hellmüller - g
Rafael Jerjen - db

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"Surprise of the year 2022 – moontrail makes you moonstruck” (SRF, Swiss national radio)

"Buechi, Hellmüller and Jerien touch the heart..." (Wolfgang Gratzer, Jazzpodium)

"With instrumental syllables and vocal sounds a free poetic space is created, to which a clear dramaturgical synergy of lightness is inherent...
It would be nice to hear more of this exciting constellation in the future". (Dario Friberg, Jazz N'More)

"On the other hand, this sensitive art of intimacy is at the same time so open and so sparingly concentrated that it cannot be denied a "soothing" pull."(Peter Rüedi, Weltwoche)

"... Buechi... has distinguished herself in recent years as a highly original jazz singer who also incorporates elements of European classical music, Indian tradition and indigenous folk music without drifting into the arbitrary or the pleasing..." (Manfred Papst, Jazztip of the week, Zurich, NZZ)

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