Contradiction of Happiness

Sarah Buechi Septet

Jazz/Contemporary Song

Sarah Buechi, Voice
Stefan Aeby, Piano
André Pousaz, Double Bass
Lionel Friedli, Drums
Estelle Beiner, Violin
Isabelle Gottraux, Viola
Sara Oswald, Cello

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"...The result is an intriguing set of unclassifiable music by a vocalist/composer with strong potential." (Scott Yanow, Downbeat)

"The 36 years old vocalist is, next to Sohpie Hunger, the most renowned export of the Swiss and is celebrated as one of the most exciting European Jazz voices." (Birgit Möthrath, Rheinpfalz)

"It's about time we took account of Mrs Buechi's unique talent" (Luc Bouquet, Improjazz)

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Sarah Buechi
Contradiction of Happiness (teaser)

"Contradiction of Happiness" live @ Kult
X Kreuzlingen, 2021