This evolving artist is already making inroads in bridging the two traditions, jazz and traditional Indian music, to create an arresting fusion of styles.

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Sarah BuechiContradiction of Happiness

Sarah Buechi - Contradiction of Happiness (teaser video)

Our new album will be released on Intakt Records in February 2018.
I finally made a dream of mine come true and added three string players to our Swiss Jazzquartett.
As I am playing the violin myself since the age of five, this was an important step to me as a composer.
Here our teaser video for a first impression.
(Video by Jonas Ruppen)

Sarah Buechi - Contradiction of Happiness

Sarah Buechi - voc + comp.
Stefan Aeby - piano
André Pousaz - double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums
Estelle Beiner - violin
Isabelle Gottraux - viola
Sara Oswald - cello