Die Stimme Frau Buechis hebt den kreativen Output noch um einige Grad und bugsiert die CD Richtung Meisterwerk

Ewei, Christoph Stiefel Septett, Conerto 2/2016

Sarah BuechiContradiction of Happiness

Sarah Buechi, voice & composition

Sarah Buechi was raised in a musically active family and started playing the violin and piano at the age of five. After an award for a self-written musical theater she decided to take music as a profession. After graduating from Lucerne's prestigious Musikhochschule with two distinctions, she took a lengthy sabbatical in Bangalore immersing herself in south indian classical music and rhythm with concerts at festivals, on the radio and television. The results are apparent in her use of its demanding rhythmic and vocal techniques in a jazz context. Out of her own projects THALi is the one that brought Sarah Buechi to the attention of the swiss jazz scene and intern to international musical collaborations with outstanding personalities like Steve Coleman, Dave Liebman, Lucas Niggli, Nils Wogram, Ronan Guilfoyle, Christy Doran and Christoph Stiefel. This brought her onto concerts, workshops and tours within Europe, the USA, Canada, China and India. Sarah has been head of the Jazz vocal department at Newpark Music Centre, Dublin for four years, currently lives in London and studies at the Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen. In Switzerland in 2005 she was awarded the Friedl-Wald-Foundation prize and three times she was awarded the Irish Travel and Training award for musical researches in Ghana, Paris, New York and Copenhagen.

Stefan Aeby, piano

The pianist Stefan Aeby, born 1979 in Freiburg has enjoyed excellent coaching from well established musicians such as Jean Christophe Cholet, Art Lande, Don Friedman and Marc Copland. Both a degree on his instrument from the conservatory and a Masters in music science from the University he acclaimed in Freiburg. From 2004 until 2010 he has held a teaching position at the renowned jazz school in Montreux and since autumn 2010 has also been teaching at the conservatory in Freiburg.

In his wide spanning career he has scored silent films from the 1920`and played with musical personalities such as Frank Tortiller, Gabriele Mirabassi, Rory Stuart, Bop Mintzer, Chris Potter, Claudio Puntin, Clarence Penn, David Pouradier Duteil, Yves Torchinsky, Bänz Oester, Samuel Rohrer, Lisette Spinnler, Claudo Pontiggia, Carcel Papaux, Samuel Blaser, Popol Lavanchy, Custav, Julien Charlet, Rick Margitza, Patrice Moret, Stéphane Belmondo, Oscar d`Leon, Tom Harrell to name just a few.

Current active projects are Tobias Preisig Quartet, Sarah Büchi Flying Letters, Daniel Schenker Quartet, Lisette Spinnler Quartet and the Bucher-Sommer-Friedli and Aeby Quartett.

In his widespread touring activity he has been playing throughout parts of Europe, Africa, China, Japan and different Latin American countries.


André Pousaz, bass

André Pousaz, born on the 14th of July 1983 in Wisp (VS) has been learning to play his instrument from the very young age of nine years. After ten years of classical training with the solo double bass player Christian Geiser, he then received a diploma with music as the main subject. At the same time he started to play the electric bass with classes from Gilbert `Speedy` Jossen. After his certification he started his music studies at the Jazz school Lucerne, Switzerland which he finished after four years with a distinction in performance. Among his teachers were Heiri Känzig, Wolfgang Zwiauer and Herbie Kopf.

In 2006 he won the Friedl-Wald-foundation prize for outstanding students. His concert activities led him to Asia, Europe and Latin America. He played with musicians like Norbert Pfammatter, Fabian Kuratli, Daniel Humair, Sangoma Everett, Kurt rosenwinkel, Francis Coletta, Christy Doran, Harald Haerter, Heiri Känzig, George Robert, Nat Su, Johannes Enders, john Voirol, Clausio Puntin, Christoph Erb, Peter Schärli, Yannick Barman, Gregoire Maret, Chris Wiesendanger, Antonello Messina, Colin Callon, Rainer Tempel, Hans-Peter Pfammatter, Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Sina, Kuno Lauener, Büne Huber, pepe Lienhard, hösli und Ricardo, Coal, Heidi Happy, Seven, Stefan Rusconi, Michael von der Heide, Marc Sway etc. He is also very active as a studio musician for radio and TV.


Lionel Friedli, drums

Born 1975 in Moutier, he started playing drums at the age of 11 and studied with Norbert Pfammatter in Bienne for eight years. He graduated from the Swiss Jazz School Lucerne in 2005. His teachers in Lucerne include Norbert Pfammatter, Fabian Kuratli and Pierre Favre.

Lionel Friedli has been a professional musician since 1999 and has toured the world extensively. (Willisau, Cully, Jazz d'Or, Winter Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Rome, Bogota). Known for his versatility, Lionel is mainly concered with creative music. However, he can be heard playing occasionally in big bands or with renowned Swiss singers such as Sarclo, Simon Gerber, Thierry Romanens or Pascal Rinaldi. His interest in improvisation, experimental and alternative music led him along with great musical figures of the Swiss and international scene, including Marc Ribot, Fred Frith, Ellery Eskelin, Heiri Känzig, Michel Wintsch, Mathieu Michel, Lucien Dubuis, Franziska Baumann, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Michael Zismann, Christy Doran, Christoph Stiefel, Vera Kappeler and Manuel Mengis.