Die wache Neugier und das breite musikalische Spektrum, haben Sarah Büchi zu einer gefragten Sängerin in unterschiedlichen Kontexten gemacht.

Jazz'n'More, 2012

Sarah Buechiprojects


Jazz Trio

Sarah Buechi - voc
Franz Hellmueller - g
André Pousaz - db

Three very individual personalities of the Swiss Jazz scene have come together in this intimate trio setting.
With standards, Swiss folk songs and original compositions in their repertoire they explore the pallet of possibilities in this dynamic.
Organic, spontaneous, intimate and transparent in their expressiveness
they work with space and time, tension and relaxation and search for freedom in the familiar.

Sarah Buechi - vocals

"She's making the music of the future", was the title of the Zurich jazz critic Manfred Papst's review of the singer in the "NZZ am Sonntag". "Buechi is not only a promising singer with an unmistakable and versatile voice. She is also a convincing composer and lyricist."
The singer, who has lived in London and Zurich in recent years and now lives in the Lucerne area, has studied various types of music in the USA, Ireland, Ghana, Copenhagen and India, developing songwriting, world and jazz in a highly personal way. Her three releases "Flying Letters", "Shadow Garden" and "Contradiction of Happiness" as well as her concerts at the Berlin Jazz Festival, the London jazz club Vortex or in large formation with the "Jena Philharmonic" show Sarah Buechi with a very independent music at the height of current developments.

Franz Hellmueller - guitar

The guitarist Franz Hellmueller is one of the most prominent and promising new talents on the international jazz scene" - this is how Bill Milkowski describes the cosmopolitan Swiss guitarist. He does not just play his guitar virtuously. Rather, he is a storyteller and the guitar serves as his mouthpiece. In the press, Hellmüller's music is placed in a row with the trios of Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell and John Abercrombie. In his playing we hear an essence that is marked by freedom, maturity and virtuosity" (Pirmin Bossart), "intoxicating, unpredictable and up to date" (Ulrich Steinmetzger).

André Pousaz - double bass

In Lucerne he graduated from the Lucerne School of Music at the Jazz Department and after 4 years of study, he completed the Performance course with distinction. Since then he has travelled as a musician to over 20 countries, has been immortalised on countless CD's and has made a name for himself as a sound engineer. In the field of jazz he worked with artists like Jan Bang, James Morrison, Scott Robinson, Maria Schneider etc. As a studio musician, he has lent his unmistakable bass sound to gold albums, as well as being involved in many jingles and last but not least in film productions.


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