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Sarah Buechiprojects

ANIMATA - Duality


Sarah Buechi - voice, lyrics, composition
Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics, composition

The Duo “Animata” emerged from a former larger project commissioned by the art association/museum of the cloister Gravenhorst.
The first album with the titel “Animata”, published 2015 at the Cologne Label JazzHausMusik was followed by a tour to India and a series of concerts in NRW in 2016.
Now, Animata present their second album at JazzHausMusik:
“Duality” which stands for the musical congeniality of two souls with astonishing rhythmical, vocal and tonal finesse in both composition and improvisation.
The new CD contains eleven compositions: nine songs, all original compositions by Christoph Haberer, serving as vehicles for new melodies and lyrics contributed by Sarah Buechi.
An old Swiss Folksong (“Stets i Truure”) in a specially arranged a cappella version by Sarah Buechi, as well as an improvisation on five snare drums complete the album.
Consisting of melody, rhythm, scats, lyrics and electronics the songs are enriched by many experiences and encounters with musicians from other cultures as well as by studies a. o. in India, Africa and America. These audible experiences ensoul the moving and sometimes elating soundscapes of Christoph Haberer and Sarah Buechi.

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